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Family Dentist in West Bloomfield, MI 

What if your family could simply turn to one dentist for all of their smile needs? No, this isn’t a dream. This is a reality when you turn to a family dentist for care. Our West Bloomfield, MI, family dentist Dr. Katharine Murphy-Brown provides quality, compassionate, and gentle dentistry to people of all ages, from children to seniors. You and your family must find a dentist that you trust to provide you with routine care every time you need it.

Preventive Dentistry and Your Family Dentist

When we talk about preventive care, we are talking about all the ways that you care for your teeth and gums. The preventive care that you undertake includes daily brushing, flossing, and even eating healthy for your smile; however, another important aspect of preventive care is seeing our dental team every six months for routine cleanings and exams to ensure that your smile remains healthy.

Reasons to Visit a Family Dentist

While brushing and flossing are important components to preventive care, so too is seeing your dentist. While you may not be experiencing any pain or other symptoms, there could still be issues with your smile that you just can’t see. That’s where our dentist comes in. We run x-rays once a year to make sure that everything is healthy and that teeth are cavity-free. X-rays are sensitive and can pick up the smallest problems, which means that we can treat the issue faster and more effectively.
Furthermore, even if you brush your teeth twice a day or after each meal it’s still possible to miss some spots. This means that plaque can build up along the gum line, which can easily harden into tartar, which your toothbrush can’t remove. If you don’t see your dentist for routine cleanings, the tartar will remain on your teeth, causing gum irritation and eventually gum disease. That’s why dental cleanings are so important to your health.

Keep Up with Dental Care

A good rule of thumb is to visit our practice every six months for routine and preventive care; however, if you are at high risk for developing gum disease or other oral problems, then we may have you come in more regularly. Ask our family dentist how often you should be coming in for routine care to maintain a healthy smile.

If you are looking for a family dentist in West Bloomfield, MI, that can provide care to your whole family,
then turn to Dr. Murphy-Brown and her team today. To schedule your next appointment, call us at (248) 737-1577!

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